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Azienda: Adecco Italia Spa
Data annuncio: 11/06/2022
Sede di lavoro: Treviso

Construction company located in vittorio veneto, search a CA&CM JUNIOR.
Services are mainly focused on ongoing projects, and the main tasks to be appointed to a junior lawyer prospect are as follows:

1. Contracts Administration: supporting Stakeholders in the project contracts administration, by providing guidelines and coaching activities – to the benefit of Regional/local PMOs and/or projects PMs, as the case may be – to create an overall culture relevant to how properly administering the contractual documentation relevant to projects, with particular focus on:

• such clauses addressing the rights (such as right to EOT, remedies for non-payment, etc.) and the formalities to stick to (e.g.: how to address a timely and formal notice of claim pursuant to contract), in order to validly and timely enforce contractual remedies vis-à-vis Clients and Vendors, along the life of the project;
• such clauses addressing activities/formalities to stick to, in order to trigger the subsidiaries' rights arising out of project completion (e.g.: return of bonds, release of retentions, expiry of warranty period etc.);

2. Claims Management: coordinating and supporting Regional/local PMOs (and/or projects PMs, as the case may be) in order to:
1. Keeping under radar screen any such project whereby a subsidiary understands to be currently at risk to receive and/or in the need to file a significant project related claim (both Client/Vendor related claims);
2. Assessing the grounds of a claim at risk, and setting the sequence and order of precedence of actions to be taken “contractually”, on the grounds of the above-mentioned Contract Administration approach and culture;
3. Raising any “red flag” that is deemed appropriate to promptly inform and involve - both locally and at Group Level - any function to be made aware of said claim at risk (e.g.: Group Insurance, local/Global procurement, CFOs etc.);
4. Collecting and filing suitable contractual/legal/technical documentation to substantiate an active claim and/or defend a passive claim (with an aim to build a robust set of documents to substantiate a Court-case, in the event that a claim evolves into a litigation);
5. Mapping any new claim and keeping up-dated records – at least on a quarterly basis – about the evolution of current claims and/or difficult Final Account;
6. Defining the most appropriate strategy to enhance the success of an active claim/minimize the effects of a passive claim

Categoria Professionale: Affari Legali / Avvocati

Città: Vittorio Veneto (Treviso)

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  • Full Time
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