Settore: / Engineering /
Azienda: Innovative Management Services s.r.l.
Data annuncio: 29/10/2019
Sede di lavoro: Treviso
The activity involves the development of underwater pumping systems; in particular, it is required:
Preparation of technical documents, including technical specifications, technical data sheets for underwater centrifugal pumps.
Analysis of proposals and documents of suppliers and partners regarding the technical aspects of rotary machines, the aspects and problems of hydraulic, rotodynamic, structural mechanics and related accessory systems and qualification procedures.
Analysis of proposals and documents of suppliers and partners regarding commercial aspects; formal management of the technical-contractual interface with suppliers and partners and management of technical interfaces to other disciplines involved (process, electronic components, instrumentation and control).
Management of machine-related technical disciplinary aspects towards customers or third parties, including the analysis of any documents and specific requirements received during the tender in order to contribute to the definition of the system architectures and to the estimation of the components for the areas of competence.  


A few years experience on the design of rotating systems and in particular knowledge of: 

Centrifugal pumps and pumping systems (single and multi-stage), typical problems and types for standard and hydrodynamic bearings and supports, sealing systems and motor-pump connection / interaction;
Principles and problems of rotodynamics;
Pump regulation systems and monitoring systems and principles;
Predisposition and interest in mechanical design in general, familiarity with issues related to corrosion in aggressive environments, knowledge of programs and applications for mechanical engineering (Autocad, Inventor, Ansys, etc.);
Flexibility, ability to work in a group; Availability to travel / transfers at national and international level;
Good knowledge of English.
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